Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finished project

The Route 66 wall hanging is done and heading to New Zealand today

I am very happy with how it worked out, we changed the plan a few times and had problems printing the photos but Jenny is happy with the finished wall hanging. Less Route 66 fabric as it is very busy!!
And more photos as they are what reinforces the happy memories!


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

WOW, very clever of you. I really must look into printing on fabric. Any suggestions on where I should start? hugs

kiwikid said...

Thanks Sharon - Buy a packet of Matildas Own Inkjet printable Fabric - nope don't do that I have spares and will bring them to the next Ballan meet up for you. I just open a word doc then go to pictures where I have photos and insert from there - then you can change the size of the photo - then put it through your printer. Has to be an ink jet printer. Instructions come in the packet. I have found the printed fabric doesn't like liquid though - I spilt a glass of water on one and the colour ran!! There are instructions for colour fastness but I haven't tried that as I have only done wall hangings so far.
Best wishes

marina said...

great finish with your wall hanging and your yellow quilt! I am sure they will be well loved.