Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Relaxing weekend

Had a lovely time at St Leonards this weekend, talked, drank, ate and watched TV and in-between did some crochet - 3 blankets finished for KOGO (Knit one Give one). This winter I am sewing together knitted squares in to blankets. The squares are sent to KOGO, wonderful fairies sort them and sew them together but sometimes they get over whelmed by the number of squares to be done so people like me help out. Also did a couple of scarves to help...all goes to the homeless or to new mums who don't have anything new for their baby, or many other deserving people.

Yesterday we called over to Port Arlington to get my friend Sylvia some mussels,( fav food) we had a wander along the wharf but it was cold and windy and spitty and there was a rain storm coming from Geelong direction.

As it happened there was a Celtic festival on this weekend and this ship was in and taking people out on the bay - not for me I am afraid, I was feeling sea sick just watching the boat heave up and down at the wharf!!!  We could have gone onto the boat for a look around but luckily (phew) it began to rain...so we walked back down the wharf and bought....
just over 1 kg of mussels! Had to ask how to cook them...water (just a little) wine, garlic and maybe chillies? Not a lot of that in the house but we had water and wine!! They cooked up really well and were very much enjoyed!! 

Another completed blanket for KOGO, late night finish..hard to concentrate when watching Graham Norton!!! 

Down the beach for a walk Tuesday morning, not so warm today but still lovely to be out by the beach and in the fresh air. Back to reality tomorrow!!


shez said...

what a wonderful time you had Sue,lovely pics.xx

Elyte said...

Looks like a very relaxing week end. Not a fan of mussels by everyone around me loves them.
Great work with all those blankets and the colours are lovely.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Great job Sue, you certainly have been a busy bee. I'm with you though it's land abound for me and we'll leave the seas for the mermaids.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Great way to spend the weekend. hugs