Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Surprises in the mail

Today I had to go to the PO to collect a parcel - and ended up with three - felt like it was Christmas!!
All the goodies!!

this was from Jessica a post crossing friend in The Netherlands, she wraps so beautifully!!!

and this is what she sent - a saucer with 3 crochet cupcakes, and 3 key rings, one a crochet ice cream, a crochet cupcake and an owl!! have I been spoilt!

The other parcels were from jenny in New Zealand, she has been to a quilt shop and has found treasures, the tea cup fabric she thinks could be a challenge for the Wednesday night group (like we have nothing to do!! Lol!!) Love this fabric!

and....9 fat quarters, love the batiks, and the Christmas fabric and the starie night fabric is beautiful too ...have something in mind for that...one day!!

Mmmmmm....Halloween fabric - Jenny would like something made up with this - table runner, cushion covers, wall hanging???? Maybe a long skinny table runner?

and two Xmas panels - Jen would like them made into something for her..something else to think on!

this one has glitter!!

the second parcel had a purple owl  lunchbox!! How cute is that??? And it was full on NZ made milk shake lollies....my favourite!!  Well I have to go and do some thinking and planning now and make myself finish what I am currently working on!! I am very, very lucky to have such great friends.


Anonymous said...

i think your friends are very lucky to have you as there friend too Sue,wow what awesome goodies you have there,i can hear you from here thinking ,lol.xx

Farm Gate Creations said...

What a great surprise...I thought you taught jenny how to sew whilst she was down hehehe...I'm sure that you will come up with some great finishes with those panels for her.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

What lovely mail. I am certain you will come up with something for all the goodies there not just the panels :o) hugs