Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Safety Beach

Well the sun is shining, kind of, the birds are singing, DH has just returned from the driving range (golf course closed due to too much rain) the kangaroos are happily sunning themselves - I am still fascinated with kangaroos and have to take a photo every time I see them!! Should be used to them by now!! :-)
Had a walk through the streets near here this morning, came through some bush, past the high school (I think) then around the rugby pitch - under water - through a little more bush, over a bridge over the river ( I later found out this is considered the local lake (woops!!) then wandered up the beach to Woolgoolga. I was feeling great until I saw a sign that said 2.8km to Safety Beach??? What, I thought that far...phew I have to walk back yet...ah well...

Wandering along thru the bush
First view of the water

The surf pounding in at the end of the beach

more of the same 'cos I love these kind of photos!!
our home away from home

Mmmmm...been called a mad chook but not this before!!
the entrance - these bungalows are set up so you can bring your dog along for the holiday, this area can be closed up to keep the dog in and safe!
Exhausted me after walking back home carrying the groceries!! Time for a rest and for lunch!!


Anonymous said...

lovely pics Sue,love the beach shots and looks like a lovely place you's are staying at.xx

marina said...

love that stormy ocean and the moreton bay fig in the previous pic. It's gorgeous.
enjoy your road trip