Monday, August 26, 2013

A finish

Yesterday I finished the last of the knitted blankets for KOGO, and managed to get 4 blankets hemmed, they are just lengths of fleecy fabric ( Lincraft had a sale!!) with the cut edges hemmed, they make great blankets.
love the fleecy fabrics

here is the prince frog to kiss!! LOL!

and the knitted squares all together and ready to go. I delivered them to a pharmacy in Bacchus Marsh today, they have a truck that come to collect the blankets, beanies, scarves etc people have made then they go in to the city for sorting and distribution.
I just went out to check the dinner and noticed the kookaburra waiting on the bird feeder for dinner, they come now and then, this one didn't fly off when I put some mince onto the feeder, was very trusting.

Mmmmmm...what is for dinner??
A few minutes later the whole family is here! not such a good photo it is taken through the kitchen window.


shez said...

lots of beautiful work there Sue and what a kind and lovely person you are.Love the kookaburras i could watch them for ages,lol.xx

Farm Gate Creations said...

That's great Sue KOGO is going to love you.