Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crafty Hijinks

Off to Ballarat I went on Sunday - armed with my google maps directions...I made good time and so decided to drive up Mount Buninyong to have a look...I hadn't been there before and stupidly decided to climb the look out tower - I DO NOT like heights....didn't think that one through did I!! Anyway I got a wobbly photo...I was wobbly after climbing 96 steps!!! But the view from the top was amazing, I just had to hang on and I was ok!

Made it up and down!! Yay!! (Not liking these selfie photos at all!) And off to Ballarat....well google maps were wrong and I was heading back in the Geelong direction before I knew what was turn back and stop at the tourist info in Bunninyong....the directions were very wrong. So armed with a new map and set of directions off I went. I was alot further away from the hall than I realised, I should not have stopped and been a tourist...but anyway I finally arrived at 10.40 instead of 10 oclock! Bit stressed I might add!! 

No worries I was in time to see the lovely Gillian and Jodie welcome everyone and explain what was happening. On the stage in front of them was a  heap of fabric and patterns...all kinds of things that people didn't want any more... was good to have a look through and yes I did find some treasures! We eventually settled down to some crafting once a cuppa had been made, the stalls checked out, and friends greeted.

Marg and Tracee were busy  stitching

this was most of the view from the back corner of the hall...49 people attending..great for a first gathering!

Tania had her hexagons ready to go, but worked on mine instead, she is a wonderful friend!

Marg and her Christmas stitchery

Bit of glasses comparison going on here I think!!

Tracee working on her Welcome to the North Pole block

Busy, busy here Marg and Tracee are learning the fine art of hexagon making!

Yours truly creating hexagons

The Beautiful Gillian and Jodie with me, we were practising holding our chins up for the photo!! Lol! They are a scream these girls...they are so entertaining and funny, I could listen to them all day...they did such a wonderful job of organising the day.

On the way home I passed a chook farm and these were out the front..I just had to stop and tale a photo - I half expected to hear them singing when I got out of the car! They made me smile! great finish to a wonderful day!


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Such a wonderful day. Sounds like everyone had a great day. Very brave of you to go up high. I think my fear of heights would not have allowed me up there! lol hugs

Melody said...

Fabulous post. It was such a fun day

Christine M said...

It certainly was a great day! Aren't those chickens great!

Jodie said...

it was such a great day, so glad you got to us in the end....

Farm Gate Creations said...

Fabulous day had by the chickens, maybe they'll scare the foxes off. I may have to invest in one or two.