Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One step closer

Today I finished the quilting on the I Spy Quilt I am making...yay!!!! Next step to trim and bind...I think I will fold the backing to the front and have a nice soft cuddly binding.
I have had a go at free motion quilting, or free range quilting as it is known here!

I am happy the quilt is soft and cuddly

some of the quilting is a bit "free range" I found it hard moving the quilt around as it was so heavy, some stitches are a little big but over all it isn't too bad.
I had a visitor in side the pantry this morning - I opened the door to get some cereal and this was what I was looking at!!!! It looked at me and I looked at it and eventually it moved over to the front of the door, so I slammed the door shut and it scuttled up the wall and now is sitting looking at me from the ceiling above the kettle! Not happy!!!

This evening I managed to get some I Spy Blocks finished for Sharon who is kindly making an I Spy Quilt for a little boy in hospital. He has a face book page Blake's Million Smiles - sadly he has been in hospital for 24+ weeks now.  Last I read his Dad was very sick with the flu as well.  I am sure Sharon will do a beautiful job and the quilt will be amazing!


Anonymous said...

your i spy quilt is so cute Sue and i dont like the look of Mr spider,what a wonderful thing to do with those blocks.xx

Tania said...

Hi Sue, we must have jinxed you by talking about spiders on the weekend lol! Your I Spy quilt looks fantastic, and your I Spy blocks for Sharon are lovely too. I think your free range quilting looks great xxx

marina said...

well done on your quilting, your quilt looks great.
Your blocks for blake are great too. Lots of I spying going on there, oh no I spy a spider!!! aaaaggghhhhh

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful I Spy quilt Sue. As long as Spidey stays up there.