Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tip toe thru the tulips

I had a lovely morning at Tellelaars Tulip Farm at Monbulk last Monday, great weather acres of tulips, was very busy though, the joys of the school holidays!
Such  lovely colours and shapes

tulips as far as you can see!

there were a lot of sculptures around the tulips - this one I loved - it is made with knives......

and this one has handles of spoons or forks on the chest, the lower part is mosaic pebbles sheeting I think! Very clever!

and we got to see a barn owl at one of the tents - this one was watching and listening to everything going on. A most beautiful bird.


shez said...

lovely post Sue thanks for sharing,love the mug rug queen,lol.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful blooms and I love the sculptures and the owl :-)

Farm Gate Creations said...

Sounds like a great day..I love the sculptures.