Thursday, October 10, 2013


Each Friday at work we have morning tea provided (known as Fat Friday) by a particular group of people....and I am in the group who provides for I thought it would be a good idea to do some baking to take along....not being a baker I didn't realise how long these things take! But I slaved away and ended up with
raspberry and yogurt cake...the three taste testers here today have given it the thumbs up...good to know when you try something new!!

banana bread...perfect for using up the bananas that have gone to the dark side and no one will touch them, let alone eat them!!

and cherry slice....a big lot of sweet goodness....chocolate, coconut, condensed milk, glase cherries, copha...mmmm....not the healthiest slice but at least it is only once a term!!
and at the risk of being given a hard time by Marg and Tania I have rearranged my hexies in to a new storage box! This way as I do 6 of one colour I can put it with a yellow hexie and they are ready to be made into a flower...just have to make some more yellow ones for the plan to work!! Lol!! I just like looking at the colours, It is interesting how at the moment the colours seem to be mostly blues and purples.  Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

Lots of yummy goodies there sue!great idea for the hexes.xx

Tania said...

Careful, we will have to start calling you the 'a...' word!! This is actually a great idea, it is so nice to be organised. Can I come for Fat Friday?? Your baking looks delicious - why wasn't I called on to be a taste tester???? I would have been so good at it lol xxxx

Elyte said...

Your baking looks delicious. Very good idea for the hexies.