Sunday, October 13, 2013


I had a great afternoon out yesterday with Marg at a trivia afternoon organised by an amazing 10 year old boy Keegan.....he did all the organising.....wrote letters to companies and was given lots of palm oil free products for the raffle and up and spoke to everyone there....he was wonderful! We had a fun afternoon...couldn't answer many questions though! Lol!!
Here we are manning or "wommaning" should I say, the Australian Orangutan Project stall, we sold lots of soft toys and stubbie holders!  Yay!!

Gearing up for the close up photo!!

Marg in her uniform! Concentrating on a question I think!

And.....Marg won first prize in the raffle!! I didn't have the camera out so I didn't get a photo of her happy dance!! Lol!!  We had a great afternoon, we were made very welcome and everyone was really friendly and Keegan raised over $1000 for the orangutans. He did a wonderful job!


Anonymous said...

well done Keegan awesome seeing the community get behind such a worthy cause.xx

Farm Gate Creations said...

Congratulations Marg...and congratulations to Keegan on such a successful day.

willsquiltn sew said...

Yes Keegan did a fantastic job at organizing the event and he is a talented tap dancer too! I'm glad Sue didn't have the camera around when I did my happy dance, Palm oil friendly chocolates on Wednesday night anyone?

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Well done to Keegan, what a super effort. hugs