Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finish today!!

Yahoo!! Today I finished the Star quilt top...I have discovered two mistakes, the same thing on opposite sides of the quilt...woops....but if I take my glasses off I can't see it...so there it stays....I only realise it when I had finished and unsewing is not my favourite activity!!! I am really happy with it!! I have to say it went together quite quickly although I had to get help cutting the 43 inch square, that then had to be cut into triangles...all part of the learning!! Not so good wrangling big bits of fabric!
My poor car took a hit from a stone or piece of concrete yesterday as I was driving up the Calder Freeway, I went under an over bridge and there was a bang on the windscreen. I didn't see it coming and there wasn't any other traffic near me and no one I could see on the bridge so I don't know where it came from

Poor car has gone off to be looked at today! Lucky it is a modern windscreen or I would have been driving home with the wind in my face!! Lol!
The roses are still looking beautiful despite the hot couple of days and the perfume when you go outside is beautiful!
Mr Lincoln

fressia - not sure on the spelling!
One for you Shez....my dinner last night cooked by No. 1 son!!
he cooked apricots with cinnamon to go with the pork chop! Not bad huh!!
Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

oh you tease ,Mr A is pretty good,it looks very yummy.
Hey love your big star,well done it looks fantastic ,you are a clever bean.xx

Helen said...

What a wonderful son he is welcome over here anytime if he cooks like that. your star look wonderful well done. !!!!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Your star quilt looks wonderful as do your gorgeous blooms. I am so glad you weren't injured...poor car! How lucky to have a good cook in the family.. Looks delish!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Well done on getting the star done and a son that can and does cook .... bonus :) Lucky you wern't hurt yesterday. Sounds like be both were lucky with our cars :( hugs

Elyte said...

Your star looks fabulous. Well done, lots of little pieces.
Dinner looks delicious and hope the windscreen has been repaired.

KERYN B said...

Star, dinner and roses look amazing - poor car!