Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy afternoon

I have been busy sewing a raggy seams quilt, it came in a precut pack and I thought would have gone together really easily, mostly it did but the little cut edges had a mind of their own and didn't always go in the direction I wanted them to!
One raggy seams quilt, still have a couple of bloopers to fix underneath.

We had a couple of early morning visitors, I had to go out and tell them off as they were chewing on the window frames and tapping on the windows....

I told them the restaurant was closed!

A lovely package arrived this morning from the lovely Barb from  here , I love these buttons and had to get some after I had given in to temptation and bought the magazine below!!

Yum, yum!!

So now something else to add to my do to list!!

Love the reindeer,

and the pre printed label has arrived to put on the Collingwood quilt so will get to that tonight. Well I had better get back to fixing the Raggy seams quilt,
Happy Sewing!


marina said...

some lovely inspirational projects in your new book.
Naughty cockies!
More flow than ebb happening in my wallet.. lol

Anonymous said...

i love that mag too,though i havent made anything yet sue and your serviceman is going to love his new quilt,well done.xx

Farm Gate Creations said...

That mag looks gorgeous and those buttons are just divine. I love the look of the Raggy, you have been very busy.

Elyte said...

Those buttons are lovely and you will have fun using them in your projects. Raggy quilt looks great.