Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mill Rosie friends

Yesterday was meet up day at Mill Rose cottage - a gathering of many friends - lots of chatting, looking at work, fabric, patterns, lovely lunch and wonderful people to catch up with.
Barb, Marina, Elyte, Mel and Kim

Tracee with her lovely swap made by the lovely  Elyte

Barb with her swap from the amazing Shez

Yep, the paparazzi were in attendance again - actually it's the best time to get a photo of nearly everyone!! Lol!!

Elyte with her swap - I forgot to say this time the swap was simply Red, so could be anything,

Marina, Kim, Sharon, Ann, something serious was happening here!!

Cheryl and Rosalie with her amazing swap, a basket full of goodies,

Swap made by Sharon,

Lyn with her swap a table runner made by Christine,

Cheryl with her swap made by Rosalie,

Christine with her swap made by Marg, it had beautiful words embroidered but they don't show in this photo,

Marg with her swap, hearts made by me!

Shez with her swap, a beautiful sewing caddy (I hope that is the right thing to say) made by Kim,

Robyn, working on her tiny blocks, all hand stitched!

And here are all the Red swaps on display, there are many talented women in this group!

and this is Hunny Bun made by Tracee, she is so clever, the eyes on this bunny are just beautiful!

Marina telling us about the making of her Australia Day quilt! Just beautiful! Love the batiks!

Beautiful bag made by the talented Tracee,

Lyn with her show and tell,

and Tracee with Hunny Bun

and Tracee's Dream quilt, made in the 1600 style with a Bali Pop, then added the birds,

AND Tracee had finished her Perry's Place Quilt, it is very long, there are another couple of rows of animals that are not in the photo, there is so much work in this quilt, Tracee has done an amazing job.

Kim's show and tell, beautiful fabrics and pattern,  I had some other photos but think that is probably enough for this time! We had a great day!
Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

It was great reliving the day through your pics Sue,it went to quick can't wait for the next one now,lol,everyone out did themselves with the wonderful gifts,it was good to catch up with you my friend,xx

marina said...

lovely seeing all the pics of the day, especially the bits I missed out on.

Elyte said...

Great post Sue. You captured the day beautifully. Looking forward to our next sewing day.

Christine M said...

Another great day catching up with everyone. Lovely photos Sue. I was very slack and hardly took any!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

It was a great day. Beautiful gifts swapped, laughter and yummy food. Hugs

Moose-ings said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had! Very talented ladies all round.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Another Mill Rose success to mark off the calendar. It was so nice to catch up with you Sue, it's been a while.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely show and tell. Love Hunny bun and what a gorgeous swap.

Fiona said...

lovely to see familiar faces to names..... and you are all so talented...