Thursday, February 27, 2014

Woo Hoo! A finish!!

The  "Collingwood" quilt is finished, labelled and on it's way! I had  to squash it into the box, I thought putting the fluffy throw on the back was a good idea until it came time to fold and pack and boy was it a squash to get it into the box!! The air got a little blue around here!!
here is the back of the quilt

and the front.

Oops, I have done something wrong with this photo but never mind, this is the laundry bag I made for the same service man, apparently the washing is put in the bag, the top tied and the whole lot goes in the washing machine and then the dryer and then back to the person who owns it. The normal bags are green, blue or brown (from memory) so imagine trying to find your washing in a whole heap of the same colour bags!! This is a lot easier to find and much more personal. There are a heap more pictures at the Aussie Hero Quilts and laundry bags blog to have a look at. Some people have made amazing bags!

And my poppies are off in the post to 5000 poppies today a little contribution to their large project! 

and now I am off to fix up these little bits of fabric that have ended up on the wrong side of the raggy seams quilt,

little suckers were a bit hard to control!! Lol!!
Happy sewing!


Farm Gate Creations said...

Great job on the Maggie looks even better in real life, as for the laundry bag it looks fantastic. Your poppies are amazing and good luck fixing all of those little bits on your raggy. You are very clever indeed.

Christine M said...

Well done Sue. I love your poppies. Yes, how clever were you to get bits on the wrong side!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful thing you have done Susan,your service man will be very happy to receive his parcel,and those poppies are very cute,have a lovely evening my friend.xx

marina said...

fantastic finishes!
what a great hero quilt and wash bag. Well don.
delinquent bits of fabric? you teach them a lesson.

Helen said...

It's an amazing quilt and bag you are truly a special peson.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Well done with the Poppies the quilt and the laundry bag. hugs

Fiona said...

Well done ... Great work with the quilt and the poppies ... I did have a laugh at those escaping raggy