Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Samoa Ramblings 2

More holiday photos to bore you to death with!! We had a great day today, until it poured but nothing we can do about that!! We hired a car today and have been driving around - have seen some beautiful scenery, amazing places people live, as in they have nothing! Made me feel uncomfortable driving past looking in, but everyone we have met so far has been really friendly.

The Catholic Church in Apia under renovations, it is a massive building.

The Piula Cave Pools, you can swim here and feed the fish or maybe swim and feed the fish at the same time !!LOL!!!  My silly sense of humour!!

This sky was all around us today, the most amazing cloud formations.

This pho os out of order nut is the inside of the Baih'ai temple, a church that reads from all denominations at each service,  it has an extensive garden around it. Most beautiful peaceful building, mind you I was the only one there!!.

This is the Fuipisia Waterfall, was on private property as are most things here in Samoa, we had to pay $10 Samoan each to go and have a look. David couldn't get far as he has to watch his Achilles, and we had to cross a stream on wobbly rocks then walk through soggy wet grass, and over tree roots to get to the waterfall viewing place, but it was worth it!

Again this is out of order but these are the bibles at the Baih'ai Church, varied selection!

This is the Baih'ai Church..

this is the Papapapai Waterfall, just beautiful!!
Off to the exciting supermarket now!! Oh Yay!!
Happy day!!


marina said...

love the cave pool and waterfall pics, unbelievable greenery!
the clouds look amazing and the buildings are wonderful too.
looks like you are having a ball. Hope hub is keeping up with you.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics Sue,thankyou for sharing.xx

Moose-ings said...

Love your photos, thanks for taking us along on your travels!

Farm Gate Creations said...

Your excited about going to a super market....oh dear Sue, what shall we do with you. I love your sense of humour and that waterfall...absolutely stunning. I hope Davids doing okay with that heel of his.