Monday, March 31, 2014

Underground Railroad Sampler

Last Thursday I had a phone call from Tania, she had a class at the local quilt shop but there was a mix up with dates and the class has been moved to next week, so our planned catch up sewing night had to move to this week. Phew!! Life gets involved sometimes doesn't it!! Anyway we worked away and finished the second block of the Underground Railroad Sampler. I wasn't happy with mine half way through, but Tania advised me to try scant quarter inch seams, so I did and was very happy with how my block turned out - I lost some points, but overall I am very happy. This kind of quilt is way out of my comfort zone!! You have to measure and cut accurately!!! LOL!! The opposite happened to Tania, half way through she was very happy but at the finish she wasn't so. I forgot to take photos so have taken one of mine today. We will be back to make another block next Friday night for FNWF.
I have linked up with Sharon over at Vroomans Quilts for  Lets Book it. More motivation to get one block a month done!
Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

I think this block looks awesome Sue,well done.xx

Helen said...

Great looking block well done Sue !!

Farm Gate Creations said...

Well I think that your block looks superb.