Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mill Rose Friends

Yesterday was our second meet up at Ballan at Mill Rose Cottage for the year and we had a wonderful day, lots of laughing, chatting, eating (lunch was wonderful again, not to mention afternoon tea!!! The orange and passionfruit cake was to die for!!!) The swap was a set of  three sewing things and as always it amazed me the things these wonderful women make and how different the ideas are!
Sadly the "City Girls" couldn't attend this time as they were on a retreat, but Tracee came up with an idea of how we could take them with us!!
and we had them photo bombing all over the place!! I am sure Marina, Elyte, Annie, Ann and Robyn felt quite at home!!
Everyone enjoyed opening their swap parcels - there was loads to oohhh and aahhh over!
And as usual the paparazzi was in action!!

It was lovely to meet Helen in the flesh, so to speak, I have followed her blog for a while - she is as lovely in person as she is one her blog! Helen was blown away by the swap she received from Shez, such beautiful stitcheries!

These are the three sewing set items I received, they are from Anne, I LOVE purple so they are perfect for me! There is a thread catcher, pin cushion and block keeper! Just beautiful!

Evidence that Tania did a little shopping! And some stitching!

The happy gathering.

Tracee getting to some stitching just before lunch!

Some serious menu viewing going on here - what to have for lunch!! The "City Girls" came for lunch too!

Yes Shez!!!! The old me taking a photo of you taking a photo of me trick!!! Lol!

There she is a bit fuzzy because I was giggling while trying to take a photo, Shez is such a lovely lady, I think we all start smiling when we see her - I know I do!! She is a happiness fairy - must remember to take her a set of wings next time!! Lol!!

Tania enjoying her lamb pie for lunch - very nice I was told, meanwhile I was tucking in to a bowl of chips! Yum!! 

Here are the "City Girls" busily checking out the swaps for the day,

Marg stitching on her bag- looking forward to seeing this one finished. No pressure though Marg!!

And the lovely Shez, you could not ask for a better friend! 
And I have pinched photos from Shez's blog when we decided to photo bomb a photo session - I hope you don't mind Shez!!
We did let you get your group photo eventually!! Lol!! Looking at this makes me laugh !!
Another great meet up! Thank you all for a wonderful day!
Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

wasnt it an awesome day and you are so sweet with your comments ,you have me blushing,lol.I so love our get togethers,all you girls are awesome,we had so much fun and a chance to talk yesterday it was wonderful.Love those heads on sticks,lol,and i agree its amazing the projects the girls come up with for a swap.Take care and enjoy your sunday kiddo.xx
ps i dont mind you taking the

Helen said...

Thanks Sue for an awesome day it was fantastic to finally meet :)

Farm Gate Creations said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed it Sue....even though you were feeling a bit under the weather.

Chookyblue...... said...

i'm impressed some of you even got some sewing

Melody said...

It was a fabulous day. I LOVE this group.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very jealous as usual up here. Beautiful ladies and gorgeous swap gifts. Shez is indeed the happiness fairy xx

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Loving the heads on sticks :o) Sounds like another wonderful day. I missed you all and will be there next time. hugs

marina said...

so love how you included us in your day! lol, what a crack up.
We went there today and it wasn't quite the same without you guys....
Were we on the noisy table for lunch?

Fiona said...

a lovely day... I just smiled reading it.... yoiu are all happy fairies I think...

Easy Rider said...

Looks like you guys always have a great time!

Elyte said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day, even though we were there.
You all made us laugh so much on Sunday when we checked our blogs.
Did feel like a part of me was missing all day on Saturday!