Monday, October 6, 2014

Adventures continued

Our next stop took us to Conway and it's amazing castle

Nothing like a tourist in the middle of your panorama photo!!!
Wonderful from all angles

Conway part of the shopping area, don't know if this was the High Street,
Shane and I went off to look at the smallest house in Britain, it had one lower room with a fire place and wooden settle, and one cold water tap, up a narrow ladder was a bedroom,  who had to close the trap door in the floor, to complete the room. A 6 foot 3 inches fisherman was the last person to live here, the place was condemned for people to live in in 1900, now tourists can go in two at a time to have a look.
David went off to the Knight shop and this is what happened

Yes, like father like son!!!!  😃
We are staying in Caernafon within the castle walls, Shane and I had a look around last night

Then had dinner at the Black Boy pub

Seafood crumble for the males in the family!!
Have a great day!


Farm Gate Creations said...

I dunno, they look like a couple of white boys to me.

Elyte said...

Lovely pictures Sue, looks like you are all having a wonderful time.

marina said...

great pics Sue,
that castle is amazing....
so the boys have gone medieval on you?
and you have gone alice in wonderland...

Diane-crewe said...

well... they would scare me off! lol x

KAYLEE said...

Yummo, that seafood crumble looks so good.