Monday, October 13, 2014

Castle Coombe

Now we are visiting a little village where you have to park at the top of the hill and wander down...there is very little parking in the village....there are some beautiful houses here, made from the Cotswold stone
Heading off down the hill

Tree in the woods

We didn't know what this was but it was in the town centre

Local pub

View down the street
Holiday let house

This berry plant look great wandering around the door

Houses near the end of the street, private houses

We could see trout in this stream

Couple of tourists in the village

This was part of a holiday let up past the church near the top of the village.
Off for more exploring now.


kiwikid said...

O wow Sooz. Lovely pics. Took me back with Happy memories of being there with Neil many years back. Still looks the same. They filmed an Ad there for Schweppes lemonade that was shown on NZ TV... I loved it everytime I saw it. Such beautiful history in those buildings.

theodora said...

Gorgeous pictures..I enjoyed the wander thanks
Barb xx