Sunday, October 26, 2014


And so we made it to Dusseldorf, fine on the autobahn but I once we got to the city we had some hairy moments finding the right street!
This windmill was at a petrol and food stop, the information about it was all in German so, we didn't understand much of it, but it had been here a long time

Beside it was a small brick building containing this alter, people had put in lit candles and written messages in the book by the door
Peter and Ellie who we were staying with, took us into the old part of the city to have a look around

Down by the Rhein, there is a light misty rain this morning

The walk along the river side

A bit closer to the old tower at the end of the old town walls

Lovely old building

And another I think this was part of the town hall

Love the Christmas display outside a florist

A couple of tourists by the canal

Joined by Ellie

An old cathedral that is now a theatre

The spire of the old cathedral, the centre of the city was lovely to wander around in not too big and lots of interesting things to look at.
I have been joined by Lucy now, aged 2 and a half who wants to watch Peppa Pig so time to sign off!!


Diane-crewe said...

SO glad you survived the Channel x Loving the pictures x

Elyte said...

Enjoyed catching up with your travels. You have done a lot in a few days. You will need to come home for a rest.

marina said...

so much character in all those buildings..