Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harwich and the ferry crossing

So we made it to Harwich, despite bad weather predictions, checked to see if the ferry was running the next morning....were told it runs every day regardless of the weather....ok....big swallow!!!!! The weather that was coming through was the remains of a hurricane that had gone through Barbados earlier in the week.....rain all gone but the wind was coming. The weather when we got to Harwich was windy and huge rain squalls kept coming over, so we checked into the hotel, got some lunch from the supermarket next door, enjoyed that an SD then went for a drive to see what there was to see in Harwich....actually DH said lets go and buy you a birthday present....who am I to say no!! So off we went!!
Here is the sea front, it looks ok but boy it was windy

Looking back the other way

Love the colourful beach boxes on the sea front

One of the old light houses that took ships aground after silt built up in the area

Great old building

Time to rush inside....rain is coming....and sadly  no suitable shops for birthday presents!!!!
8am and in the queue for the ferry

DH working out our route once we got to Holland with the tried and tested toffee method (thank you Diane the toffees were wonderful! !) Did you know that one toffee measures almost 25km?????? ) Lol!!

Asked DH to take my photo,  thought I would get in on the holiday snaps too!! 😆 

Our last view of Harwich

Amazing skys on the way over. We got a bit bored on the crossing as the ferry was nearly 2 and a half hours late leaving, but I did get a lot of stitching done
Very happy with my progress.
Bye for now.


Fiona said...

you are getting around... love dh scientific way of measuring and you look wonderful and relaxed...

Jo said...

Love this photos. Good to see you are still stitching