Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We stayed three nights in Hull with friends who used to live in Melbourne, we hadn't seen them for 18 years. We went in to old Hull town to have a look around

This old tram was  the life museum  

The boys entertained themselves

One of the many interesting pub buildings

 And here is the bar of Ye Olde White Hart

And Phil and Michelle

This pub is up a narrow alley way that opens out to this little  courtyard and then into the tiny pub
Loved this chair we found in  a pub we went to yesterday, and no I didn't sit on it!!

buddies.......Michelle and me

Phil getting in the drinks 
when Monday came around and we had to leave, I was a bit sad, it is so nice to catch up with old friends, I really felt like we hadn't been apart for 18 years.  Michelle was looking after her grand sons today so we tried to get some photos, not easy with two young boys  and a dog, gave me a giggle! !

No one is looking

Yes we got it together here  😄

Woo hoo here comes Scoobie the lurcher!!

Chaos reigns!!

Not quite so chaotic

Settled now!!

Little Tommy checking out the tablet!!

Michelle and the boys....I will miss them
Bye for now.


Leeanne said...

Great photo's, love the chair in the pub! You look happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue so glad you got to see your friends,my friend Jen wanted me to ask you ,have you been to Battle yet,loving your pics.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great pics....can you fit that cushion in your suitcase? Lol!

Elyte said...

A wonderful opportunity to catch up after such a long time. What a fun photos session.
BTW, you have been visiting a lot of pubs, should we be worried?

Helen said...

Great photos nice to see you catch up with old friends :)