Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kings Lynn

Today we have travelled down the country from Hull and stopped at
Kings Lynn. We are staying at the Tudor Rose hotel, part of which is a super old tudor building.
On the way we went through Cleethorpes a beach resort.......lots of games halls with loud games in them and  o water as the tide had gone out!!

The beach from the promenade
Passing scenery

An interesting old  bridge

The south gate into Kings Lynn

Church under repair next to where we were staying
This is out hotel,  we have a ground floor room which is done in the black beams white paint style inside, is very nice

I went for a walk into the old town and out to the water front.....these bird sculptures are in the canal

And this is the waterfront......looks like a river to me, but there you go!!

This church is across the river

And this is the pub where we went for dinner....very nice young man working here, when I asked if the meal I wanted had gluten he rushed off to get a list of ingredients....when we found  it did, he made me something plain. Very nice of him. Tomorrow we are off to Harwich.
Bye for now.

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Fiona said...

how fun.... I've been that way...halfway between my son and my sister in law..... (Peterborough and Gresham).... please wave to them for me....x