Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Playing in Caernarfon

This morning we walked around the town of Caernarfon and found a Roman ruins site, with education centre........of course you can imagine what would happen when my two found dress ups!!!!
One happy son!

Talk about big kids!!!!  But they had fun!
Back to the backpackers for lunch then out to explore Carrnarfon Castle.
Shane on the walkway

View of the Palace Vaults pub from the castle

Inside the castle, the circular area on the grass was where 
The investiture of Prince Charles happened in 1969

This castle also holds the Royal Welch Fusiliers Regimental Museum..oldest regiment here formed in 1689, there is information about all the campaigns they have been involved in, medals and photos.

This castle was built in the 1200's and is really well preserved compared to some others.

We walked up and down so many windy steps here, up and down towers, there are many small rooms and dead end areas in this castle two or three steps up or down and then dead end.

View over Caernarfon from one of the towers

There were lots of carved objects on the tops of the towers here originally but they have been worn away in the weather.
Happy travels.


Fiona said...

haha.. the blokes can't help themselves can they?

Elyte said...

Your photos are wonderful. Although it seems romantic, I bet life in those cold stone buildings would have been quite tough. I hope those boys are behaving themselves!!

Anthea said...

ha ha never too old to dress up!! I bet you did too, behind the camera, LOL... looks like you're all having a grand time! x