Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Travelling over hill and dale

In the last few days we have been in Chipping Sodbury and Bristol, but no photos partly because it was raining and partly cos I didn't really see anything I wanted to take a photo of, and partly because there was a man in charge of the car and you are going from here to there no stopping allowed!!!!( picture sulky face!! Lol!!)
Day  in Bristol was also rushed as we had to get back to Chipping Sodbury to enjoy the pleasures of the British health system and try to get more medication for
DH, who despite being reminded several times by yours truly, didn't bring enough!!! ( Got my peeved face on now!! Lol !)
Last night we drove to Oxford and stayed in the Oxford Hotel, very upmarket, but just a bed when all is said and done.....was a wet and cold day, loads of traffic and road works, so being the culture vultures we are we have left Oxford and all that there is to see and come to Weedon (nothing much to see here) via Bicester and Towcester, two small and very nice places.
There were lots of old grave markers around the church, some were leaning up against the fence and others had been set into the pathways

Loved this big heavy door, can't imagine anyone breaking this down!!

A bit closer...

Main part of the church..
Main Street

Love these old buildings

Halloween goodies in the local bakery shop,
Went to get a photo of this pub and next door was a

QUILT SHOP!!!!!!!! The first one I have stumbled across. So I had to go in for a look didn't I!! And of course had to get some goodies
Love this book,  and the autumnal fabric,I can see things in it that several people will like! The book not the fabric!!!  😁
So now back on the road to Towcester.
Great pub sign

We walked up a bury mound at the back of the town, the view wasn't that good but we had a look anyway

This is the old Mill, we followed the open sign but the door was locked, maybe it is open in summer

Part of the old Mill

DH heading off for a wander

Oh dear I have found the local church...

Yep more stained glass window pictures!! 😄

Loved this appliqué wall hanging

Sensational  view

The colours in this one are so beautiful!

Guess who is waiting outside for me to finish???
Found some leek and potato soup for lunch and we are off to Weedon.
See you soon.


Raewyn said...

I'm enjoying seeing your holiday photos! Wow!

Christine M said...

I lived in Oxford for about 4 months back in 1988. It is such a lovely place.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Much be amazing visiting places that are so the windows! How cool to find a wee shoppe!!!! Love your loot!

Leeanne said...

Lovely old building, aren't they standing the test of time. I could hear you squeal when you saw the quilt shop!!!

shez said...

Awesome ,Sue love the pics.xx