Monday, October 13, 2014

Worcester....super photo heavy...can't help myself!!

Found our way to Worcester and a hotel for the night.....DH went out for beer and fish and chips while I soaked in the bath. ...what could be better?? 😉
The next day we went to explore a little and of course I had to visit the cathedral....this is a super old one, started In 680 and then worked on,  expanded and repaired right up to 1855.
This was part of an old cathedral and this is all that is left

Love this door, great shape, 
 Cathedral from the river

Part of the ruined wall outside

This window was made to remember the people who went to war, was in a little side chapel

One of the sides of the cathedral

Most amazing roof

Chapel in the crypt

Looking from the back of the cathedral to the front,
Another part of wall out the back of the cathedral

Lovely houses out the back

Gate out to the street

Looking from the bridge to the Cathedral, I am on my way to feed the parking not want the £70 fine for being raining a bit but I think the worst has gone by

After sorting the parking meter I decided to walk along the river opposite the Cathedral..DH had gone off with a friend to play war games so had 4 hours to fill in

Came across some barges by the river

Weather is so much better now, even had to take off the rain coat as I was getting hot!!

Came to the lock for the barges to pass through

Love this sign

Love too how you look up from walking (I have to watch where I walk as I do not want to trip over a cobble stone or edging!!)

The Cathedral looks beautiful in the late afternoon sun

Spied some great buildings on the way back to the car

Imagine how old this is??
Last shot of the Main entrance to the Cathedral. I have had a great wandering exploring day. See you later.

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Michelle Ridgway said...

Fabbo gorgeous are those stained glass windows. Don't blame you for lots of photos xx