Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dover (sorry photo heavy)

We woke to a beautiful morning, sunny but windy, got sorted and headed to the castle.
Heading up to the keep

Isn't it a beautiful day?

Settling in for lunch

King of the castle!!

Guess who found the wine??
We have walked up many stairs like this in our time here...

Views from the castle

Looking over to Dover

Castle views

Fancy a game??

Sitting in the knights chair...

DH checking out a suit of armour....boy it was heavy, I would not have liked to wear it, not even one sleeve!!

I spied a tourist!! Lol!!

Peeking through the battlements to the sea....ferry coming in from France

View from castle to Dover

Buildings at the front of the  castle

White cliffs of Dover above the sea port

Another little part of the white cliffs
after looking around the castle and doing serious damage in the gift shop, we drove to Heathrow, checked into a hotel and unloaded the car.....then took the car back to the car hire place and walked back to the hotel for the next challenge....
Packing this new treasure into the case

And these treasures as well......DH looked for these figures all over the UK and finally found them on our last day at Dover, he was one happy camper!!!!!
Heading home tomorrow!!!!

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Fiona said...

fabulous pictures.. ended up at a lvoely place... we loved Dover when we visited there...