Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another beautiful day

Well the windy has gone away today and all is calm and fine here...there are crowds of people down at the shops and the bottle shop is doing a roaring trade...the neighbours have their music player and speakers under the house today and the whole street is sharing in their is LOUD!!!! Even the baby next door cried when they started it up....maybe I am turning in to an old you know what!!!  Went to the beach instead and enjoyed a swim..... my first for the summer......and yes it was cold but good once I got under....I have to confess that took a while to happen!!

This young magpie came over for a hand full of nuts....enjoyed the cashews the best!!
A little more progress with stitching...

I got to watch 5 pelicans float on past...such majestic birds. Well now the roast is in the oven, must off and peel the spuds!!  Have a wonderful evening, enjoy and keep safe.
Have a safe, happy, healthy, wonderful New Year.


theodora said...

Happy New Year & enjoy the music !!!

Elyte said...

Stay safe and have a wonderful New Year.
Will see you very soon.

Jo said...

Have a great New Years tonight. I'll be visiting jan Juc during jan hope the weather is good then

Ondrea said...

LOL I know what you mean about the music. Some people love to share hehehe. All the illegal fireworks are happening here. Not happy, nor is my poor cat! I hope you have a wonderful new year and look forward to catching up again.