Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Windy day

Today has been a wild and windy day...lots of banging and clunking and  last night, it sounded like the neighbours were going to lose their garage roof. I had a walk around the little lake here
This afternoon, wasn't too bad so long as you were out of the wind

there were loads of corellas up in a tree, who looked at me as I was looking at them

when I took this photo I could look onIy see one...amazing what you see when you look..lol!!

I have started on this stitchery...now I am thinking the thread is too light, but it is the only one I have here, so will have to do! Will see how it looks as I progress. It is one of Michelle's beautiful designs from her new patterns.
Happy sewing.


marina said...

we had some strong winds yesterday too! Stay away from those big branches.
lovely stitchery, it looks very delicate in the light thread.
happy stitching

Ondrea said...

We have had a couple of days with strong winds. Thunder yesterday made me jump out of my skin! The cat jumped off the bed in fright too. Branches usually drop when it is still but be careful. It happens before you can work out what is happening...been there. Looove that stitchery.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Bit scary! Hot as hades up here! Little bear looks very pretty in her thread.

Leeanne said...

The bear is looking pretty.

Jo said...

Look at all those birds hiding.. Are they noisy there like they are here

Diane-crewe said...

staying inside and sewing is safer than being out in the wind ... where a branch might fall down on you!.. sewing looks good to me x