Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yesterday when I was helping DH sort stuff in the shed (I was supposed to be chucking out I must confess) but I found a box he hadn't taken off to St Leonard's and inside I found some wool....of the unspun kind...just what we were talking about at Wednesday group last I got myself organised ( to create not pack!!) and had fun after dinner last night.
this wasn't supposed to be here, but anyway...we have a large family of the yellow tailed black cockatoos here at present eating the seed pods on the hakea trees...they were right by the gate and all flew up in a great screeching cloud when I drove out...they are beautiful birds..

ok.......two sides of wet wool and bubble plastic inside to keep it from felting together....trying to avoid the lumps forming on the edges...

I added some other wool for a bit of decoration but as I was felting it fell off.....obviously the wrong wool!! lol!!

and after much rolling...boy it gives your wrists a work out!!....I filled the bowl with garbage bags and worked and worked at it to get it back to a looked like a boat shape when I had finished felting...hee hee!! It is a bit wonky and out of shape and I have the lumps on the edges but I am happy with my first attempt. Have to have a chat to Pauline at Wednesday group and see what tips she can offer me.
Happy sewing!


marina said...

a lovely distraction!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue wow you are clever,it's looking good,love how you have a go at all sorts of crafts,well done my friend xx

Leeanne said...

That bird looks big. Did you enjoy the felting?

Michelle Ridgway said...

I think felting is fascinating. Beautiful birds x