Monday, February 9, 2015


I would like to say Saturday dawned bright and cheery but it didn't was overcast and humid!! But we emerged bright and cherry after a good sleep in....after breakfast we headed off to check out the quilt shops in Echuca and managed a little retail therapy!!
This first shop had everything you would need for just about any craft activity....was amazing, could spend many hours in there!

and this shop had most things patchwork......I am pretending to have come out with no purchases, but alas that was not true......Tracee is holding my bag of goodies...
we headed back for lunch....there was a skiing/boat race on the Murray this weekend so there were people everywhere......some racing boats were on display in the main street....but dedicated quilters that we are we headed back to get back to work!!!
Tracee brought along Bernie and spent some time working out what to do where,

Some discussion about the workings here

I am busy preparing letters for the quilt I am working on

littlest teddy is having his face put on..

And Tania is adding the next pieces to her beautiful star..
then it was dinner and chips and a little liquid refreshment!!  
After dinner more work was done
Tracee is working on a beautiful bag using Tim Holtz fabrics..

more teddie faces are appearing over where Marg is working

Tania has completed the next row on her little star block....such tiny triangles!! 
And I have finished the quilt I am working on....trying to put kn the letters was a challenge, but I finally figured it out. Photo in  the morning when the sun is out!
Happy stitching.


Anonymous said...

wow what an awesome time you girls had and well done you all got quite a bit of work done,thankyou for sharing your wonderful time Sue xx

Raewyn said...

And so the fun continues!! You girls all look like models in the shop window :-) Love Tania's tiny and growing star block and also those teddies. I must say, too, your Alpha dogs look intriguing!!

Ondrea said...

Echuca wouldn't have known what had hit them, lol. At least that is a small bag or did you have another one stashed away somewhere? Shame it was so humid but it didn't seem to stop the intrepid stitchers.

Fiona said...

fun fun fun.... some lovely sewing going on