Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Aussie Hero Quilt

The peace quilt is off in the mail today...I hope the recipient likes it
the request was for black and a peace sign so I think I covered that request!!

I spied a pelican flying towards me when I was down the beach today...love seeing then flying around, they look too heavy to glide like they do!
I am really pleased with my growing hexie pile that has happened over the last two weeks
I am joining the linky party  for EPP over at Anthea's....pop over for a hexie fix!!

Happy sewing!


Christine M said...

The quilt looks great, Sue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue yes i am sure he will love this quilt,well done my friend xx

Leeanne said...

Your peace quilt is fabulous and will be loved for sure! More lovely hexies growing in your garden!

Ondrea said...

Your hexie garden is blooming! Love your quilt.

marina said...

so love your peace quilt! it has turned out beautifully.
lots more flowers blooming in the sea air....

Anthea said...

Wow Sue, the quilt has turned out so well - good on you!
Very cheery additions to your hexy flower pile - thanks for linking up with PYT

Hilachas said...

Wow! Look at all those hexie flowerrs. WTG!

Elyte said...

Lovely finish Sue, that peace sign is a great focal point. Very pretty hexagons.

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Sue Niven said...