Sunday, March 15, 2015

Monbulk Quilt Show

I have had a wonderful weekend, have stayed with Eve at Boronia and ventured up into the was lovely up there on Saturday, slightly misty with the sun coming through the huge gum trees as we drove through the Sherbrooke forest....I thought getting to the show at 9.30 would be good, and we might get a show bag...but no...the queue was out the door and down past the buildings to the road......everyone had the same idea I think!!!
We missed out on a goodie bag but were  given a free pattern for a door stop which  l liked.
There were some beautiful quilts on display...

There is some beautiful stitchery on this quilt

this was a joint group effort the knitted poppies on the right hand side
For some reason this photo insists on being huge!!!!! It is another group quilt.

Love these teddies

Isn't she cute?

A very impressive round quilt

Love this one too! 

How cute are these polar bears?

Great colours here


General views at one end of the room

It was very busy so not easy to get photos although I managed quite a few!!

Isn't this beautiful?

And this....

Back outside in the sunny day again off to look at plants now!

And look who I ran into...the lovely City ladies out for a quilting tour day!! I interrupted them enjoying their scones and tea! Was wonderful to see all the lovely ladies and have a chat with them. 
Inside Barb Smith had a stall and of course I came home with another selection of beautiful Theodora Cleave buttons......
Just beautiful! Can't wait for Barb's new ideas book to arrive in the post!!
Well enough for today...

Happy sewing.


Diane-crewe said...

so much fun to visit a quilt show .. or even just see pictures of one xx LOVE the circular quilt x

Janet said...

How wonderful to get to see a quilt show. I've only ever been to two and they were both local and very small. The "wow" quilt is very wow and I love the circular butterfly one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue Thankyou for sharing your wonderful day,those quilts are stunning and how nice that you ran into the city girls,love your new buttons they are so cute Sue,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Thanks so much for letting us tag along....lots of lovelies to see. Nice to run into friends. Love your buttons x

Leeanne said...

Looks like a good show with nice quilts.

marina said...

thanks for the pics, lovely to see what was on show.
lovely to bump into the girls too!

Elyte said...

Glad we bumped in to you. Really enjoyed the show.