Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bernkastle, Germany (photo heavy)

We flew out of Moscow just after a snow fall (light) and flew to Copenhagen, where we waited nearly 5 hours  for our next flight. Got quite a lot of stitching done!! Lol!! Then we flew to Luxembourg and were collected by German friends. Yesterday we had a visit from an Aussie friend who lives in Dusseldorf, was great to have a catch up!! Today we have been taken to Bernkastle to have a look at the a mecca for tourists!!!
is a foggy cloudy morning this morning

the first little square we came to

part of the square

a Christmas shop...perfect for Shez.....

one of the last remaining original town entrances

I liked this hanging on someone's  front door.. 

wonderful street views

these were red geraniums...they go inside for winter..

lots of the old houses had messages written under the roof line

these two looked like they were going to lean into each other..

This was the smallest house in the village. .how cute is that??
buildings on the central town square..

interesting vews to the vines past the buildings

heading back to the car now...we drove along the Mosel River to another town whose name I have forgotten 
there was a monument to the Roman soldiers who drowned while transporti g barrels of wine from one side of the Mosel to the other..

a couple of street views
we drove to a hill top look out

the fines stretched away below us..

the Reisling grapes are ready to be picked...we sampled a few and they were very sweet

this machine takes pickers up the hill and brings the boxes of grapes back down
I did do a little retail therapy...spotted these in a shop window and thought they would be perfect for our window seat
just need to find some cushion inserts when we get back!! 
Happy travels.


rita said...

It has been so nice to follow your tour again! And the story goes on...
Good to see that you are fine, how about Kevin Kiwi?

marina said...

Such beautiful buildings, a postcard town and scenery.
Did you visit that big castle on the hill in the first pic?

Jacquie Morris said...

Omg!! Your in my home!! Lol I grew up in Germany and have been all over, I have visited Bernkastle so many times. I love all that area...If you get a chance you must visit Cochem, it's about an hour from where you are. The castle in Cochem is where jon proposed to me! It's such a lovely place, I have been going there since I was 5 years old! Oooh the wine!! Loving your photos, I was pointing to Han saying look we have been there! Wonderful!!
Cannot wait to see where you go next!
Big big smiles :)

Easy Rider said...

I LOVE Germany! Thank you for sharing your pictures, hope you enjoy your trip!

Jo said...

Oh I just love seeing all your photos Sue. Those buildings are just amazing

Susan said...

Wow, amazing pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,i am so enjoying your pics,what a beautiful place and i love the xmas shop,lol,and those cushions will look wonderful on your window seat,looking forward to the next look of pics,travel safe my friend xx

Diane-crewe said...

you are packing so much into this holiday I am exhausted (but interested) just looking at your wonderful photos xx

Fiona said...

so fun to see the diffent styles of buildings

Christine M said...

Your photos make me want to pack and head off over there in a plane!