Sunday, October 11, 2015

Moscow day 2

We woke this morning to snow again
the forecast is for snow on and off all day.....we set of after breakfast for the Metro heading for the Museum of the Patriotic War or WW2 as we know it.
the Metro is 60 meters under the ground 
it snowed on the way
approach to the museum

David and Eamon heading off...

Even though it is cold and slippery the snow is still facinating!! 
these churches are all over the city and suddenly appear around corners
One of the dioramas in the museum, they were really well done and of course from the Russian point of view, but accurate, there was so much to absorb in here, they have ahuge collection of Russian and German memorabilia also Japanese, alot was written only in Russian so we couldn't  understand it!!
part of a beautiful stained glass window

the whole window from the 4th floor

two puppets..Hitler and Mussolini....

a peep out the window...snow has fallen again...Eamon and I lost David somewhere in the museum but found him back at the museum shop...they had soldiers, model planes and all kinds of goodies for him!!

tourists after leaving the museum...
we got back on the Metro and made our way back to the Red Square and then went off on a tour of the Kremlin
as we were heading in...lots of work is being done here to restore and re furbish the buildings here...some are draped in painted cloth to look like the building is there while the construction is happening. Our guide told us this has happened over the last three years...the govt realises this needs to be done with all the tourists coming to the city.

one of the three cathedrals in the Kremlin

this bell fell from its tower when a fire went through the Kremlin and people rushed to put cold water on it...sadly it is cracked all over and a huge piece fell off one side.

another of the three cathedrals

you are not supposed to take hotos in many of the cathedrals in Russia as they are practising churches....I didn't think in here and took a photo and was promptly told off by one of the ladies there who looks out for photo taking tourists. ..some of the frescos and paintings are from the 15th century and need to be preserved.

the yellow building on  the left used to be a palace but now is where the government in Moscow meets and Putin sometimes comes to. ..his helipad is down in the gardens of course no tourists are allowed in these buildings.

the sun is setting over Moscow. 


Diane-crewe said...

these pictures are so lovely ... you are certainly seeing a different world to your "normal" xx

Fiona said...

loving this Russian visit of yours..

Ondrea said...

Slap on the hand nordy gal lol. I remember forgetting sometimes too and feeling rather stupid and guilty but I never got told off. Sure looks cold! Lovely pics again.