Sunday, October 11, 2015

Moscow day 3

Today we have been on a Metro tour...we went to the central line and got out at a few grafitti here..

each station relates to a different time in Russian history 

this was from the 1917 revolution, known as the Bloodless Revolution, which started in Saint Petersburg.

this is the White station.....was when Belarus was a state of the USSR...was known as the food bowl of Russia...hence the ceiling decorations

Belarusian people

this station had 32 stained glass windows that were originally meant for a church the stations here are really busy even on a Saturday

Mother Russia standing on the Nazi..symbolizes the end of the Patriotic War

beautiful ceiling detail and lights

and just to show how confusing it was finding your way around...nothing in English and also written in a different way to the map we had!!! 

From the stations  we went to an underground bunker made during the Cold War so the govt could survive if a nuclear war was to happen. Didn't  take any photos inside and didn't enjoy the movie of atomic and nuclear war head testing but the bunker was interesting to have a look around.

Eamon, Emelia and David outside the bunker

 the bunker was in this neighbourhood and the locals thought the works were for the metro...they knew nothing about the bunker....just an ordinary suburban street.

yup, another the roof structure...and they are not knions as I was led to believe, but the shape of candles...and I can't  at the moment remember why!!


Diane-crewe said...

lovely ... AND some blue sky too x

Anonymous said...

hi Sue ,wow this is all so amazing,i am enjoying my travels with you,lol,the buildings are magnificent,thankyou for sharing xx

Cheryll said...

Russia is so interesting isn't it. Hope you EnJoY it as much as we did.
Hugs and safe travels... xox

Leeanne said...

Makes you realise how young NZ and Aus are!

Susan said...

So different to Australia, I'm really enjoying your fascinating posts.

Ondrea said...

They are stations? Amazing! Isn't it great to see clean places for a change. Loving you pics and history lessons. Keep safe and well.

Chris H said...

Wow what an amazing place to visit!