Friday, October 9, 2015


After a near sleepless night on the overnight train from Novrogod to Moscow, we have spent the day exploring....have had sun, cold wind, snow but thankfully no rain.
this was the view out our hotel window this morning about 6am.....snow building up on the window ledge....we checked in straight from the train, so were able to have a shower, breakfast and a sleep!!!!!

The eternal flame that burns outside the Kremlin....the unknown soldier is buried here and guards are stationed here 24 hours a day, all year...must be freezing I n winter.

we watched the guard change over...they do so every hour.
Red Square looking at the Kremlin walls

Red Square...

tourist at St Basils....just a little cold!!!!!

corner tower of the Kremlin wall...

part of the Kremlin wall...

loved the contrast here of the old buildings and modern smoke stacks..

looking back to the Red Square and church

part of the Red Square...

this is the back of the museum we went to, The War Museum of 1812 which David enjoyed very much. After this we tried some geocaching but didn't  have any luck,  so then we negotiated the Metro system to get back to the hotel. ..we ended up at the wrong station so had to get back on and come back one station...very confusing but at least we got out of the snow for a while.
Roll on tomorrow!! 


Ondrea said...

OMG! It looks so dreary and cold. Lovely pics though. Was the metro good like Paris and London?

theodora said...

You sure get around !!!!
I supply a patchwork shop in Moscow..... oh if only you knew they were about LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,wow you sure are rugged up well my friend,i am loving the pics,what a wonderful trip you are both having,stay safe my friends and happy travelling xx

marina said...

Wow sue so many amazing pics of your travels!
Looks like you are visiting some incredible and beautiful places.

Susan said...

Wow, what an incredible destination. It does look cold though......I'm sure your adventures will make up for it.