Thursday, October 8, 2015


Today we are in a smaller place....last night we had banya....Russian sauna,,where yiu sat in the hot sauna until you sweated, then you got beaten (gently) with dried oak leaves, the got into the cold tub, and then into the jacuzzi...thatbwas supposed ti be warm but felt could after the sauna..then you repeated the process....when we had finished and were dressed again we had vodka shots!!! The world felt good!! Today we have been exploring the old part of Novrogod..

these buildings are original buildings, churches and houses  that were in Novrogod ...some are over 800 years old...they were faken from different places around Novrogod and taken to this museum village.
This afternoon we have been to the local Kremlin

the cathedral, which is a  functioning church in the town

the church bells are many years old and are still in use...

they even have their own leaning tower...
we waited to cross the river beause it was SNOWING!!!!!
I tried to record it  but you can't really see the snow falling, we found a kittle craft shop ans inside was this wonderful quilt
I had permission to take of photo of this lovely is this?? All appliqué and beautifully done by the lady in the shop. We got out of the rain and snow to a hotel were we were booked in for dinner...the waitress was very Russian and abrult nd not a little  bit friendly.....but we had a great dinner anyway. Soon we are off to get the overnight train to Moscow!!! Arrival tme 5.15 tomorrow  morning.


Anonymous said...

wow Sue i was just showing my sister your pics,they are amazing,your sauna experience sounds very different,lol,have fun in Moscow xx

Leeanne said...

WOW what a place, the buildings so amazing!