Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy sewing

has happened today over at the Port Arlington sewing group, the Bellarine Quilters. There was lots of beautiful show and tell, I only got a few photos
these lovely quilts with elephants, they started out as one quilt but got to big, so now are two!!

How cute are these teddies?

Guess who came to sewing group today????  Was lovely to see Shez and have a sit and natter and sew...we actually only got part of the day to chat as I was in the back room sandwiching a quilt. This group has a wonderful frame where you pin on the backing, pull it tight, then lay on the wadding and the top and then you can start pinning...when you have reached as far as you can, you wind up the pinned end, make sure all is tight and off you go again. Shez has taken a photo so can add that later, or you can see it on her blog.
Thank you Shez for the photos!! One happy quilter. 

After we had finished I had a wander down to the shops and over the road

and down towards the was a bit dull then, the sun came out when I got back to the car.
I did a little more binding on the Charm Square to do some quilting now.
Happy sewing.


Ondrea said...

Fantastic pic of you both!! Sounds like you actually achieved something other than chatting and eating LOL.Love those elephants.

Melody said...

Sounds like a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue it was such a lovely day and the group of ladies are awesome ,Thankyou my friend for a lovely day,looking forward to our next day xx

Jo said...

I'm so glad Shez made it. I am going away tomorrow so I was supposed to work on Xavs quilt but I got stuck into the shawl. Great results. What date is it next month. I'd like to try and make it.

Leeanne said...

great times, some friends just follow you!