Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I have been

happily sewing away at home today
the photographer and surfers are sewn on the Aussie Hero quilt

the photos have been attached

I was laying out little white squares to create the look of a film strip...I was talking about this to Tracee last Saturday and another stitcher was listening in, she didn't know what a film strip was!!! She was in her early twenties and boy did I feel old!!!!! 

late this afternoon I finished the sewing on the stars...the first strip on the Christmas Strip quilt challenge from the Seachange group.....we are getting one theme a month until October and then have until December to finish.
Once again today I was sewing happily and was late getting dinner, while it was cooking I ironed down the white squares, so they are ready for sewing tomorrow.
The next challenge is to turn the white fabric into mountains for snowboarding.  Sadly some of the white fabric has a bad dust line which I didn't notice earlier....will have to sort that out tomorrow too.
Happy sewing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,such lovely work i am fascinated with the hero's quilt ,you are so clever my friend,see you tomorrow xx

Jo said...

Love the film strip idea. Cool

Melody said...

This is a fabulous quilt, well done.

Sheila said...

Interesting quilt you are making and I am old enough to know what a film strip is lol .

Jacquie Morris said...

Oh it's brilliant! You are really creative and I think it's great! The receiver of this will be over the moon I know it!!
Go you!
Smiles :)

Julie said...

Your quilt is looking fabulous Sue .. I love the idea of the film strip. I did laugh at the young girls comment .. I was giving a talk & showing craftwork once & a youngish girl there didnt know what an oven cloth was !!! Made me feel old while i explained it to her too.

KERYN B said...

The quilt is coming together and looking fabulous. Your doing a great job with it.

marina said...

Your so creative with matching the theme of quilt requested. It looks great.
The film strip looks great, don't know how I know about them seeing I'm such a youngie? Lol

Leeanne said...

Clever quilt.

Fiona said...

so clever....

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

The recipient will love all the detail that is going into this quilt.Lets hope they know what a film strip is!!! Gotta love the age difference and what we know and they know.

Happy days.