Saturday, February 6, 2016

Exploring day 3

Today we found our way to a park..Green Bottle Lake Park..I was expecting native bush and a lake....but was a pine plantation with walking and biking rtracks and a pond !!!!
we had a good walk and finally asked a local where the lake was....there isnt one was her answer so we decided to go to the beach instead!!
love how the beaches stretch on forever from here!!
off we go!! We walked for about 15 mins and then hubby said he wanted to head back, so we returned to the car and drove to the Brighton pier
fromma cafe at the end of the pier, where we got a cuppa

we watched this man create this amazing picture in the sand with a plastic rake....I was very impressed

the view from the end of the pier
sadly coming back we saw the tide had come in and part of the creation had gone
we drove to the end of Marine Parade and on the way I had to stop as there were several limestone sculptures on the side of the road

lots of native plants had been planted around and behind them and there was a lovely plaque on a bench seat
I wondered if this lady was a local artist.....was a wonderful place to be,  there were also work tables and water for carving. One of those treasures you sometmes come across and as I was driving we stopped!!!
Later I went off to do some geocaching
and passed this beautiful garden, the rose perfume was beautiful 
and this carving was at the entrance to a retirement village...amazing what you see when you are out walking. Will leave you in peace now!! Lol!!
Off to do a few stitches.
Happy sewing.


Leeanne said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your adventures! The sand art was amazing! Wouldn't it make a great quilting pattern!

Deb said...

Another lovely day for you. Can't beat the beach, so close to everything.

Anonymous said...

Hi my lovely friend,i am enjoying your pics very much,thankyou .xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing the wonderful treasures you discovered. I loved tagging along xx

Ondrea said...

Some really lovely things you found on your journey. Gee, I wonder if you could applique that design????? A bit like doing Celtic knots, sort of, maybe, errrr..........

marina said...

Gorgeous pics, the weather looks perfect.
Love the sand art, shame it got washed away.
Happy stitching

Willsquiltnsew said...

Another lovely and relaxing day.

Fiona said...

lovely day... that sand design is so great... all that work to be washed away.... but such fun to watch

Anonymous said...

So interesting, all of them. I loved the rake art on the sand.