Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Catching up...

We have wandered our way back from South Australia over two days, we stopped and found a few geocaches, much to hubbies dismay!! Lol!! Good for him I told him, a chance to get out of the car!!
This beautiful old pub was in Pinaroo,

we stopped in at Ouyen and had a look at the hospital, this was where David was born...has changed greatly we are told, not that David remembers!! Lol!!

this quilt was just inside the main door, 

this was looking down the main street of Ouyen...there was a storm coming!!

this school is very changed but this was where Davids father taught way back in 1955/56!! 
We stayed overnight at Sea Lake, we found an old pub and boy it was an old pub, I have always wanted to stay in an old country pub with the upstairs verandah, but maybe better to do that in the summer, it was freezing!!! We had a small heater in our room but still ended up in bed at 8pm to try and get warm!!!

this was the sunset from the verandah

fading a bit now

last one, is very cold out here!!

this was a beautiful old house in Inglewood
I did manage to do some sewing
some single hexies and another row ready to sew on to the main quilt.
Today I have been to a class with some ladies from the guild.....we learned how to do Nuno felting....that was a challenge for the hands and arms I can tell you!!
Well I wanted to add photos from today but blogger will not let me, so will try again another day.
Had better go organise some dinner
Happy sewing.


marina said...

Looks like you enjoyed your trip to Adelaide.
And the places of personal history on the way back. So great.
Hexies along for the ride.....perfect

Anonymous said...

Good morning my lovely friend,what a lovely time you and David had,love the pics,good you managed to fit in some gel cacheing ,hope your day is a good one Sue .....

Fiona said...

lovely little trip.

Leeanne said...

that little hexie garden is growing! What beautiful old buildings.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love a road trip. Your sunset photos are beautiful and I for one appreciate the chilly sacrifice lol! Sunds like a nice stroll down memory lane for hubby x

Josie said...

Love the photos of your trip. Those sunset pc's are gorgeous and you certainly went above and beyond to get them. Freezing your butt off for a blog photo is dedication indeed. No wonder you had to dive into bed to warm up. Is that where you sewed those hexies? Looking forward to seeing pics of your felting... I tried it and didn't get the hat or the T shirt just the booby prize! Have

Cheryl said...

Such lovely photos from your trip. didn't realise David was born up that way

Raewyn said...

Looks like a really intersting time away!! Beautiful old buildings and also beautiful sunset!

Jo said...

Wow. I have missed your posts.,they have only just come through to me... We stop in Sea Lake on our way through. We did have a good meal at the pub