Monday, June 27, 2016

Chilly Monday

We, the supervisor and I have been for a walk, I had hoped he would help me do some geocaching, you know sniff around some trees or bushes, so I didn't look so obvious looking under trees and bushes, but no, he preferred to do his own thing. In the end I had to tie him up too the table.....not happy with that idea at all!!!
and I am not looking at the camera!!

No not even once!! Lol!!
is spitty raining and cool this morning

these photos are back to front but you can see the Aussie hero quilt is done, all the unsewing has been repaired,has been trimmed and the binding put on, I started the hand sewing last night. It is very busy but filled with Australia things, so I hope the recipient likes it!! 

I have finished the free range quilting on Santa, need to finish in all the endy bits now and get some binding sorted.
But now I am off to water aerobics! Boy I hope the water in the pool is HOT!!!!
Happy sewing.


marina said...

Well done on your finish!
Love the Santa panel. The quilting give is some dimension, lovely
Great progress on your hexies and you New York beauty blocks are gorgeous, they look very tricky to me

Jo said...

Is your Santa Workshop piece a wall hanging or the start of a sack..

Cheryl said...

Lol your gorgeous dog cracks me up Sue. Lovely Aussie Hero quilt

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,how funny is Tupai,he sure cracked them with you,lol.
Lovely work Sue,hope the water was hot for you at water aerobics,lol ...

Ondrea said...

Loving how Tupai is ignoring you. Must have been too cold. Water aerobics sounds fun. Hope you had a nice warm experience. I hibernated and stitched.

Fiona said...

Oh your supervisor sure knows how to let you know he is not impressed!

Leeanne said...

It was a chilly day down under too. More good works I see.

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Your dog is just practicing looking to the left and to the right! The Aussie quilt will make someone very happy, a great range of fabric. Santa does look rather jolly.

Happy days.