Thursday, September 29, 2016


I have tidied enough to get my new machine out of the box....helped that hubby was doing a tip run and wanted the box!! Makes for a much clearer floor.
this is a dark photo isn't it!!! I will have to try again in the day time!! I am very lucky to have a Brother Dreamweaver....a bribe to move house from hubby!!!
this is the view out the sewing room window...can be distracting!! 
I had to wind another bobbin......woops

The end of the cotton got away on me and so there is yards of cotton wound underneath the bobbin holder....that will keep me busy getting that off.
It has been a sunny day you today but now, about 5ish, the weather is changing
some rain might be falling over the bay.
I am playing with some quilt squares for the Guild, it is a good opportunity to play with the machine 
not sure they are 100% right but they will do. 
I had better go and untangle that cotton!! 
Happy sewing.


I am said...

Hi Sue,wow a lovely new machine,cant wait to see what master pieces you will create on this ,good bribe David,lol.
Oh Sue those views are to die for,so glad you are settled now .xx

Ondrea said...

LOL, that thread thing happens to me all the time when trying to fill a bobbin. I don't know how much I have wasted over the years. I still can't work out how to hold that bit of thread on top of the bobbin. Loooooveley machine there! Looks like you shall be inspired.

Jo said...

Lucky Sue. I'm sure you are going to make something great there, have fun playing

Cheryl said...

Sue that looks like a wonderful new machine. Have fun playing

Raewyn said...

Woohoo, how exciting - apart from the bobbin saga... such a lovely view from your sewing spot, it will make so pleasant to sew!

Julie said...

That is a great bribe to move house Sue :-) Typical Men eh!! The view from your sewing room is amazing, can imagine it is distracting.

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely view Iam sure you will still manage to create
NZ was wonderful xx

Leeanne said...

Exciting, a new toy!!

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Hope you are enjoying your new Brother. Have a great weekend.

Happy days.

Moose-ings said...

Hope you're settling in to the new place. I expect the new toy helps, lol! Your garden looks just so peaceful and pretty.

Anthea said...

Wow I hope you enjoy getting to know your new machine Sue... what a beautiful view you have... I'll be a brat & say it would take more than a new machine from hubs to entice me to move house!