Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dare I say catch up once again!!

The days are flying past, Jenny and  I had a walk along the beach in the morning

Jenny with the pier behind her

wandering along searching for beach glass..we had a good haul that morning

In the evening went off to Werribee to see some Xmas lights, the navigator on the phone wouldn't work and we got a bit lost, but we did see a few houses so the trip was not wasted

this house was amazing, it must have taken so much work to get it all set up.

Love the Santas

playing tourist in the dark!!

On the way home we stopped to have a look at the Geelong Christmas tree,
it goes through several colour changes

It looked good with the reflections in the still water

the restaurant at the end of the pier was releasing many happy patrons into the night!!

Progress on the Aussie Hero quilt is going along slowly....

Jenny found this Christmas fabric while we  were out and about and decided a satin ribbon edging would be good and it would become a table cloth, so I am wrestling with the slippery stuff this afternoon

another progress shot on the quilt, I started on the quilting only to find I have made a mistake on the surfing panel and it isn't straight!!! Much gnashing of teeth and a few swear words were uttered I must confess!! 
see spare bits!!! So now I have to do some unpicking and try again, luckily I haven't done any quilting on the top layers so that there is less to unpick from that end than the other. Oh the joys!!! Jenny is in her room having a practice pack...I think some things might be left behind as the suitcase is just not big enough!!!
I am going back to have another go with that ribbon.
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

I'm a bit confused what you mean by your surfing panel is not straight. Are you able to send me the address of the house in Werribee. My daughter would love it.

Elyte said...

Enjoyed catching up on all you blog posts. You and Jenny have been very busy sharing lots of fun.
Your hexie quilts is stunning. Congratulations on such a beautiful finish.

I am said...

how much looking at the xmas lights Sue xx

Raewyn said...

The Christmas lights are beautiful! Hope Jenny found an extra pocket in her suitcase although leaving things behind is a good excuse for another visit, isn't it?! I hope you sorted out the Aussie quilt - like Jo says, it looks great from here!

Sheila said...

Interesting to see the Christmas lights and such a great colourful tree . Gorgeous beach you and Jenny had a stroll along . Hope she found room in her suitcase for everything. The aussie hero quilt looks just fine to me .

Fiona said...

lovely post... I am always amazed at how much trouble some people go to with the lights so others can enjoy them...

Anonymous said...

The wharf and tree alone would have been worth the trip, I think. That house is amazing, though. Can you tell I'm catching up a bit? =)