Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hello!!I am back and this is photo super heavy!! Cuppa needed!

We have been without phone of internet since last Thursday, after talking to many different people at Telstra they decided a technician needed to come out to the house but he wasn't able to come until Tuesday...thank goodness he had it fixed in about 15 mins. Makes me realise how much we take the phone and internet for granted!!

I headed off to Brisbane on Saturday for a secret visit.....
last year this beautiful lady made this amazing quilt and it was stolen, can you imagine coming to terms with that after putting your heart and soul into it!!
So many of who know Michelle were organised by Robyn Pigeon to remake as close as possible the quilt. There has been much secret squirrel stuff going on around the country and overseas
and on Sunday the new quilt was given to Michelle.
I got up to Brisbane around 1ish, Robyn picked me up and showed me the clouds building on the horizon and said there was a storm brewing!! Well she was not wrong!! We went to her house and about an hour later went to a park where a Carols in the Park was supposed to be happening

looking a bit dark!

I am not sure if this will play, but we had lightening all around us, was quite impressive and scary at the same time!! Then the rain came!!
this is not my photo but gives you an idea of the kind of lightening we were seeing!
Sadly the carols were cancelled because of the weather!
Meanwhile up in an aeroplane

Raewyn was being tossed about like a cork in the ocean, as her plane coming from Auckland was trying to come thru the storm that had just been in Brisbane. Robyn and I were at the airport to collect her about 8pm only to hear from her son, that the plane had been diverted and she was in Sydney!!!! After a few calls back and forth Raewyn's son collected her and dropped her off at Robyn's house. Poor Raewyn had spent 7 hours in the plane!! We in the meantime had been keeping awake playing Christmas decorating.

We all fell into bed around midnight.
Saturday dawned bright and slowly got hotter...especially for a Kiwi Victorian!! So we settled into the pool for a reprieve
Bathing beauties!!

Robyns hubby Phil took some photos of us....Robyn, Raewyn and me....and then

the water dragon that lives near the pool

and the kookaburra that was watching from a tree!!
After a shower and lunch we headed off to Berrinba Sanctuary, the venue for Michelle's art classes...Melissa, Michelle's daughter had told her she was going out for a Christmas themed High Tea..

where Michelle was met by this wonderful group of women

Fiona was food organiser!! Or was she having a quick snack??

Michelle was surprised!!! Yay!!!! We had a game of pass the parcel and it just happened to end up with Michelle... 

a quick peek inside....

Michelle was a bit overcome!!  I didn't get a photo of the new quilt....but I am off to acquire one!!
here it is with the happy owner!! (Pinched this from your blog Michelle, I hope that is ok!!)

Catching up, me, Michelle, Raewyn

me, Fiona, the timer, set up the camera and wait shots!!  "Lean forward" said Fiona, it makes you look slimmer, we just laughed and laughed and leaned forward!!!

Michelle and Fiona

Raewyn, Michelle and Fiona.
We had the best day, thank you to Robyn for organising both the quilt and the "High Tea", it was lovely to see Michelle again and also Fiona and to spend time with Raewyn..I have met some wonderful people through blogging and to spend time with these three was just the best. I really believe going to a function like this and being involved in the remaking of the quilt just restores your faith in the human race!!
After the event it was still hot so Robyn and I went home and soaked in the pool again until dinner time, Raewyn went off to visit her son and his family, Fiona went back home to Toowoomba. 
Phew, are you still awake??
Still feeling happy after a wonderful weekend.
Happily yours.


Leeanne said...

How super exciting for Michelle...........she must have been over the moon! And to have all the makers gathered together in the celebration!
Sounds like Raewyn will need a holiday when she gets home.......I hope her nerves aren't in rack and ruin after her lengthy flight!

Fiona said...

It was so good to see you - wish it had been for longer but I was impressed at you flying up for it.... sorry about our heatwave - still hot. Have a wonderful time now - I know you will be very busy...xx

Cattinka said...

way to go! You made her very happy!

Jo said...

Looks like so much fun. A good reason for me to miss you in St Leonard's... haha.

Well done

retdairyqueen said...

What a wonderful thing to do for a lovely lady
Loved all the photos and sharing the time you all had

Ondrea said...

OOO I can't believe I missed your posts the past few days. ( Blogger isn't working on my tablet). Such a wonderful surprise for Michelle from a gorgeous bunch of ladies. So good that you could be part of it. Gee, that lightening strike looks a bit scary! Glad you got there safely.

Michelle Ridgway said...

It was so wonderful of you Sue to come all that way to be there. I cannot still quite believe it. Just lovely spending time with you and sorry it was not longer. I shall treasure that day and you ladies in my heart forever......
So sorry Brissy gave you and Raewyn a scary reception!!!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

PS. I have been having the same issues as Ondrea...Blogger won't publish my comments from my tablet...

Robyn Pidgeon said...

It was just an amazing weekend..... Thanks ladies for all the lovely wishes ..... It still storming up here and soooooooo hot.....

Raewyn said...

Fabulous post Sue - so great to be there and involved and spend time with you ladies! Thankfully the flight home yesterday was less 'exciting'!!!

Chookyblue...... said...

what a fabulous time away........a huge surprise for nice you could get up there also......great pics an great memories made........not just for Michelle.........

Jeanette said...

It was a fabulous afternoon out with everyone. Hugs,xx