Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sewing day

It has been a beautiful day weather wise here, sunny a breeze blowing the washing dry...and sewing has happened!! But first this morning we took the Supervisor for a walk

I think Tupai might be taking Jenny for a swim here!!

the pig face has lots of beautiful flowers at the moment.

Off we go down the path

I spotted this little bug on a leaf

The supervisor contemplating a is a big decision when the waves are so big!! Lol!!

Just beautiful down here this morning.

We put out two loads of washing...Jenny modelling the latest head ware to keep the flies off...sadly it was a fail, the gaps are too big!!

Jenny is working on a KOGO blanket she started last time she was over, I was supposed to have finished it, bit  can also see two black beanies Jenny has sewn up for me and a blue scarf she has finished and sewn in the ends. The UFO's are getting sorted today!

The supervisor is resting.

I started work on another Aussie hero quilt, the request is for surfing and orange,

this is some fabric Jenny found, she is deciding what she wants to do with it

it is a make you happy fabric!!

Back to the machine with a little lubrication for the sewer...might help keep my seams straight or it might not!! 

this is where I have finished up for today...I think need to add another 11 inches to get the required length, so might add more surfing and orange strips. Need to check the measurements. 
I had better go and check the dinner, it is in the oven. 
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

Love the colours in the AH quilt

Willsquiltnsew said...

Having a good relaxing time together and very productive! The AH quilt is coming on famously!

Anthea said...

What a great day Sue... beach, sewing, friends... bliss!

Raewyn said...

Nice to spend the day hanging out with each other and getting lots done while you're at it :-) Great choice of fabric for your AH quilt.

Julie said...

How lovely you are getting to spend time with your lovely friend Sue. I love the way Tupais tail curls over :-) Jennys headgear is rather fab !!!!

Fiona said...

looks like you are having a great time... and putting Jenny to good use too!!

Anonymous said...

good morning my lovely friend ,good to see you and Jenny still getting up to mischief.
I am loving your next aussie hero's quilt,great design.
Lol i cant drink and sew or stitch i dont trust myself,lol.
Tell Jenny her new hat was a great idea,shame the holes were to big,lol.
Hope you both have a wonderful day my friend xx

Leeanne said... and Jenny are really "HANGING OUT" with each other aren't you! The 'hat' won't keep the flys out, but perhaps a little bit of shade? Liking the surfing quilt, the orange makes it zingy.

Moose-ings said...

Good to see you ladies and the supervisor having fun. Like the Aussie Hero,quilt. Didn't you once give me some surfing fabric? I can try and find it again if you want to use some.

Ondrea said...

Nothing like some serious sewing and knitting. NIce day by the look of things. Hope you are both enjoying your day today.

Pamela said...

Beautiful pictures!