Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bye Bye Eddie

Eddie has had his back surgery,
watched some tele

he even had the power button (heavily contested in this house!!)
and now he has gone to his new home.
Yesterday afternoon was spent at the beach
Hard work but someone had to do it!! lol!!
Today I have been off learning to paint on fabric
One of the Bellarine Quilter ladies helped me in her studio...I think I even learned something!!
Back at home hubby decided to paint the tram that goes with the conductor
Looks pretty good, much better than I could do!! Next week I have to get on to quilting and then embellishing and mounting it on a 20 x16 canvas for a display in Geelong later in the year. Exciting!!
I have tried to do some quilting on my Christmas Row by Row
The reindeer are done

now I am trying small stipple..it is hard work!!! Now I need to take a break for dinner cooking!
I am off to visit a friend over the other side of Melbourne tomorrow, so also need to pack some clothes and sewing things.
Happy sewing.


Julie said...

Love Ted !!! Yes we have turns with the remote in this household too !!! You have been busy Sue & achieving heaps. Enjoy your time with your friend.

Elyte said...

Little Eddie looks like the perfect visitor.
You have been doing some very interesting things with lovely results.
Safe travels.

marina said...

bye Eddie....
lovely painting on fabric Sue by you and hub... can't wait to see these in their completed project.
great going on your quilting

Michelle Ridgway said...

Well done Eddie....he'd have to fight for the remote here lol! You have been doing some interesting things! I am glad you sacrificed for us all at the beach! Enjiy your visit x

Jo said...

Looks like you are having fun with the fabric painting...
Enjoy your trip tomorrow

I am said...

Hi Sue,Eddie looks fantastic ,lovely painting and hope you have a lovely time away.

Anthea said...

Lots of clever things happening at your place Sue... Love your little visitor!

Ondrea said...

Hope you are having a lovely time with your friend today. Gee, I didn't know David did that sort of painting. Clever! I so love Eddie and I hope he likes his new home. Will he send you a postcard? Your Christmas quilt is looking good. Happy stitching, chatting and eating day.

Fiona said...

Eddie is a lot of fun.... so many exciting projects going on and new things... yes, little stipple takes a lot of time... and thread... but it is effective

Anne McAllister said...

Eddie is cute cute cute!!! You've been very busy doing heaps of fabulous things Sue, you and Shez put me to shame :)

Diane-crewe said...

well.. someone had to go to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Kaylee said...

The paintings are really great Sue, is the stippling done by hand or by machine ?

Farm Gate Creations said...

Lucky Ted stayed with nurse Sue...or else he may have dropped a bit of weight in his travels. Your conductor looks fabulous...please stop under estimating your self...your very talented