Sunday, January 29, 2017

Playing catch up once again

I have a good few days with Eve,we did all the messages that needed to be done, had a binge session on watching Broadchurch series 2, The Lavender Ladies, The Lady in the Van and a little bit of Longmire. Some knitting and stitching did get done although I haven'y take a photo of that as yet.

Yesterday was Bloggers catch up and sit and sew day..our swap was a bag..
Ann with  her bag from Lyn...a beautiful sewing bag

Barb with her great bag..perfect for her up coming trip overseas

this is the bag I received from Barb, beautiful stitchery and full of goodies
Wendy opening her many gifts, the bag she received was on the table in front of her

Colleen with the bag I made

doesn't she make a wonderful model!!

Shez with her great sausage dog bag

Lyn with her beautiful the stitchery

and here they are all together...a wonderful collection.
Saturday night I stayed at the Perry house and this morning we went for a wander around the garden
loved this cobwebby post, but I was happy not to see any spiders!!

one of Tracee's puppies,  she was interested in my breakfast!!

beautiful clematis in flower 

great seat for a morning coffee, it is wonderful to see the trees the Perry's have planted getting bigger, they have made huge improvements to the bare block they started with.

the magnolia was starting to flower, it had a beautiful perfume

The other puppy who kept us company on our garden wander. We did get a little sewing done....
I came back home in the afternoon, Geelong was very busy there was something on down at the waterfront and the traffic was very busy.
I understand fish and chips are on the menu tonight as it is hubbies "cooking night" !! 
Happy sewing.


O'faigh said...

It was a great catch up Sue

Elyte said...

Sorry we missed the day. The swap gifts look awesome as always.
Catch up next time.

Jo said...

Nice bags made

Willsquiltnsew said...

Again a lovely collection of gifts and photos. Sounds like a lovely weekend was had!

Helen said...

So many lovely bags and so much fun, glad you didn't come across any spiders :)

marina said...

Sad to have missed the day.... lots of lovely gifts made.
Love the pics of tracee's babies, such lovely dogs

Pamela said...

You all have so much fun! I feel like I know your friends.

I am said...

Hi Sue it was a wonderful day,lots of fun and the bags were amazing xx

Fiona said...

looks like a lovely day and a whole bunch of wonderful bags made...

Raewyn said...

Cool to see all the bags - I always love to see what everyone has come up with when there are swaps like this - well done ladies!! Looks like you had a nice time saying with Tracee :-)

Chookyblue...... said...

im a thousand years behind but what a great day with the girls............