Sunday, February 19, 2017

Catch up once heavy!!

Life has been busy these last few days, Friday afternoon I took Jenny and Deryck to the Gull bus and they made their way to the airport, they had a super late flight, 11.30, got no sleep on the plane so Jenny was tired yesterday.
Yesterday was Guild day and we had wonderful show and tell and a great speaker

a panel from Indonesia, quilted,

nearly missed this one, is two panels, one cut in half and put either side of the whole one
just a few of the beauties on this one!! There was much more show and tell, but this was all I got this time.
Our speaker was Robyn Taylor and she makes fabric mosaics.

Robyn's work and also her friend Janice's work.
Tracee and Margaret came here last night and we had a great evening together.
Today we went back for the workshop with Robyn and here are some progress photos.
Look at these two working away...the whole workshop was very quiet as everyone had their head down bum up and were concentrating and working!

My start on # 1 son


this is where I finished at the end of the workshop, very happy with this!!
Marg is working away on a picture of her Mum from when she was about 16 years old.


and just before we packed up to head home,
And last but not by any means least
Tracee is working on a mosaic of her husband


where Tracee was when we had to pack up.

and here are all the happy students with their work. They are all people except the second from the left which is going to be a koala, and the third from the right which is going to be a cat.
We had a quiet but very enjoyable day.
Happy creating.


Leeanne said...

Looks great! Clever photo's.

Jo said...

Absolutely fabulous. They will just come alive. It is very time consuming though..

Cattinka said...

Lots of talent here! The workshop looks like fun, I would like to make such a quilt from a photo someday

Helen said...

Looks like such a fun workshop :)

Moose-ings said...

Wow, you guys really made progress! Dry inspiring, might put my name down for the next class.

Julie said...

Gosh Sue, you sure do pack alot into your days & get to see some very inspiring work. Love that workshop - love everyones efforts too. I think they all look great ... I think I would do a cat also :-)

Fiona said...

wow those are so good ..... what a fun one to do...

Willsquiltnsew said...

A great workshop with good friends. Doesn't it look fantastic already!

Robyn Pidgeon said...

wow and what fun... love the mosaics... and the clam shell with a difference is beautiful...

Pamela said...

Wonderful show and tell, but the photo class is even more amazing!

Elyte said...

You ladies are so clever. Great work.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh my goodness thats amazing. What a neat workshop. Loved all the show and tell x

Raewyn said...

Wow what an amazing workshop to do - everyone's work looks so lifelike!! Great show and tell too...the clamshell lookng one is gorgeous! (I guess if you're doing #1 son you'' have to do a second one as well....!)

Susan said...

some gorgeous quilts - love the one of the City - I'd love to know what the fabric is - and the mosaic quilts look great - though a lot of work.